"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"


- Oh… I see.

- You see what?

- Nothing. Nothing at all.


Lazy record store employee


Lazy record store employee


Aloha again! Thanks for the suggestion [for the audiobook]! Dramatic readings and scripted radio shows would be appreciated too!

(as asked by an Anon)

I won’t call this a masterpost for readings and scripted radio shows because there’s probably lots more out there I don’t have, but here’s what I do have.  I wish I had pictures from all the productions, but in my extensive extensive image search (i.e. five minutes on Google) I could only find the three above.*

In reverse chronological order:

The News at Bedtime (Radio 4 2009 + 2010)

"Comedy by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. Twin presenters John Tweedledum and Jim Tweedledee present in-depth news analysis covering the latest stories happening this ‘once upon a time’." Stars Jack Dee and Peter Capaldi (with guest voices from Chris Addison and Alex MacQueen plus others).  15 minute episodes.

The Heart of Saturday Night (Radio 4 2009)

"By AL Kennedy. A man reaches out to a stranger for help in the small hours." Stars Peter Capaldi.  15 minutes total.

Dr No (Radio 4 2008)

"A distinguished cast, headed by Toby Stephens and David Suchet, takes part in this ‘radio movie’ of Ian Fleming’s 1958 novel, dramatised by Hugh Whitemore."  Peter is The Armourer and shows up in the first four minutes.  90 minutes total

The First King of Mars & The Further Adventures of the First King of Mars (Radio 4 2007-2008)

The Flipped Out Commander leads the first manned mission to Mars.  Stars Peter Capaldi.  15 minute episodes.

Our Brave Boys (Radio 4 2001-2005)

"Comedy drama series about a high-flying civil servant who is posted to the Ministry of Defence, where she finds herself boss to four military officers."  Stars Fiona Shaw, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Neame, Jonathan Hyde, Christopher Godwin, and Peter Capaldi. 30 minute episodes.

If You’re So Clever, Why Aren’t You Rich series 1 (Radio 4 1995)

"Sitcom about three promising graduates still underachieving in their 30s."  Series 1 starred Richard E Grant, Amanda Root, and Peter Capaldi. 30 minute episodes

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he thought she liked the man in a bowtie

he thought she liked the man in a bowtie

*wiggles eyebrows* well well well lady, i come creepin into your corner here lady.

is this Nora? I hope this is Nora

12th doctor vibes

12th doctor vibes



i’ve got my sonic screwdriver eeehehahahabvevebwewojaaswwwwisjahehkeraaaeeee,e,meeeee